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Wall & Render Cleaning

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Over time, rendered houses and buildings can begin to look neglected as they are battered by the elements. Particularly a problem with our British climate! Dirt and algae starts to accumulate making your home appear rather shabby and unloved.

This is where SMV Cleaning Services can help! We will transform your home or commercial building from dirty to dazzling with our wall cleaning service. Our team have extensive wall cleaning skills and are highly experienced. We’ll deal with your exterior stone and rendered walls and surfaces, returning them to their original glory.

Soft Wash Wall Cleaning

As part of our service, we employ a wall cleaning method called soft washing. This is a low-pressure wall cleaning process, designed to remove all organic matter on your property. It’s safer than power washing where the high-pressure water flow can damage walls, particularly on older, more fragile properties. Soft wash wall cleaning will remove mildew, bacteria, fungus and moss as well as grime, dirt and spiderwebs. It also works well on efflorescence and mortar stains, leaving your walls looking like new.

Our experienced team will come out to you, wherever you are in Salisbury and the surrounding areas. We book a convenient date with you and we’ll be there on time, ready to work!

Our Wall Cleaning Process

The process begins by applying a specialist water-based, biodegradable soft wash biocide solution, which begins working straight away. We use long reach poles and soft brushes to gently agitate the surface, loosening off any organic matter and grime. Following this we gently rinse the walls with water using our low-pressure washer, removing the dirt and stains completely. You will be surprised by the results! It really does return your property’s walls to their original condition.

For longer lasting results, we can apply a wall cleaner biocide treatment to your property to help prevent mould and mildew from building up again.

Our customers are always exceptionally happy with the results and our five-star service. Here’s what they say about our wall cleaning services.


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Hannah Hardy

Darren provides an excellent and reliable service to us at home, as well as for our business for wall cleaning, patio cleaning, gutter cleaning and window cleaning. He is polite and considerate around our customers. He works really hard to make sure he does a good job.

Iain Taylor

I phoned Darren as I was looking for a wall cleaner. He came round to give me a quote for wall cleaning, driveway cleaning, Velux and window cleaning. I found the price really reasonable, Darren smart, polite and punctual, and the overall quality of his work outstanding. We'll definitely use his services again.

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