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Patio Cleaning Salisbury

Patio Cleaning, Driveway Cleaning and Decking Cleaning Services

There is no doubt that any kind of work you have done in your garden, from patio cleaning and decking cleaning to driveway cleaning and even garden furniture cleaning, can really help to transform your garden space, giving it back that wow factor. Whether you are preparing your glorious garden for the Summer or getting your outside areas ready for Winter lockdown, it’s good to keep on top of any dirt and grime.

Over time wooden, stone and concrete surfaces will collect algae and organic matter. England’s damp climate encourages the growth of mould and mildew across all types of surfaces. They begin to look unsightly and can become unpleasant to use, particularly in the case of garden furniture. Not to mention, driveways, paths and decking can become very slippery and dangerous to walk on.

Our Cleaning Method

As part of our extensive cleaning service, we offer patio cleaning, driveway cleaning and decking cleaning. We can also use our professional, high-pressure washer to clean garden furniture, walls and ornaments. We work throughout Salisbury and the surrounding areas on both private and commercial properties, large and small!

Why is Patio Cleaning, Driveway Cleaning and Decking Cleaning Important?

Did you know, according to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, there are over 300 000 accidents in gardens every year in the UK? This includes falls on slippery paths, decking and driveways. The good news is, this kind of accident is totally preventable and this is why. SMV Cleaning Services are here to help you!

Driveway Cleaning Salisbury

As soon as visitors come up to your house, the first thing they will see is your driveway. Having a sparkling driveway makes all the difference. It means the surface is free of algae and slippery grime that can cause accidents for anyone walking on it. Plus, it helps give your house that wow factor!

So, whether you are planning to sell your property or just impress your neighbours, investing in having your driveway cleaned professionally makes all the difference. And it’s not as costly as you may imagine!

Our specialist, powerful high-pressure washer will tackle all types of driveway. Block paving, tarmac and concrete. The difference is amazing and will definitely give your house kerbside appeal.

Patio Cleaning, Decking Cleaning and Garden Furniture

We are aware that many gardens are filled with beautiful trees, plants and flowers which are vulnerable to nasty chemicals and detergents. We guarantee that none of your garden or foliage will be damaged by dangerous toxins. Why? Because we use ONLY WATER and our professional grade, high-pressure cleaning machine. It is incredibly powerful and will deal with all types of patio cleaning and decking cleaning.

If you have garden walls, furniture and ornaments that need transforming, our high-pressure cleaning machine can deal with these too.

The results will amaze you! Say goodbye to slimy garden paths, grimy driveways and hazardous decking with our fully guaranteed patio cleaning, driveway cleaning and decking cleaning service.

Our customers are always so pleased with the results. Have a read about what they have to say:

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Hannah Hentsridge

Very happy! Professional service and great communication! Couldn't recommend SMV highly enough for decking cleaning and patio cleaning!

Martin Reynolds

Great job on our patio cleaning today. Thanks very much.

As a company, our aim is ‘to provide the best cleaning service in Salisbury’. Our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee means you will be completely satisfied with your decking cleaning, patio cleaning, driveway cleaning, garden wall, furniture or ornament cleaning.

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